Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Staff Management and Solutions After Performing an onsite evaluation of your therapy operation and facilities, we will develop a plan customized to your specific opportunities.  Included in this plan will be recommendations regarding appropriate staffing levels as well as a recruitment strategy geared toward the future. Our Employees enjoy their jobs and the manner in which they are managed.  Due to their high job satisfaction, our employee turnover rate remains low.  By implementing our recruiting and management protocols, we are able to hire and retain experienced, highly talented employees. ITC takes compliance matters very seriously.  We employ a full time compliance officer with over twenty years experience, formerly as a Medicare auditor.  We utilize an EMR documentation system to help promote all necessary pieces of documentation be completed.  Furthermore, each clinic has staff responsible for auditing each patient chart as a redundant measure.  Finally, all ITC clinics are routinely internally audited for compliance by an independent auditor. Our system of over twenty-five key statistics specifically measures the valuable products each team member must produce to promote maximum efficiency.  Call or email us today to learn more about our extensive management system.
Maximize Your Reimbursements
Improved Patient Results The vision of ITC is to promote a fun, high tone, positive atmosphere in which patients receive treatment from therapists who truly enjoy their job.  Patients are seen two or three times each week with the sole purpose of achieving short and long term goals that are determined at the initial evaluation.  We actively manage the number of visits per diagnosis as we realize each patient responds to treatment differently. Often, patients don't fully understand the benefits of therapy.  ITC has protocols promoting further understanding of the process of therapy and why it is critical for the patient to complete their plan of care.  Sometimes, we find that even referring physicians fail to understand all aspects of therapy.  ITC therapists work with physicians to educate and promote the use of therapy.  We find that once both the referring physician and the patient buy-in to the process, greatly improved outcomes are possible. Therapists have individualized but structured schedules which allows for each patient to receive one hour of treatment per scheduled appointment.  We strive to "create a mystery" upon each visit which entices patients to return to subsequent follow up appointments to complete their plan of care and achieve their individual goals.  We believe by providing an optimal environment for both the therapist and patient alike, we will obtain positive results and our ultimate goal, patient satisfaction!
Why Choose ITC?   Because it's What we DO!  Let us help Maximize Profits, Eliminate Headaches, Reduce Financial Risk, Eradicate Recruiting problems, and Improve your Compliance. We've improved our customer's profits by millions of dollars.  Our proprietary systems are proven to make a 20%+ impact in less than 3 months.  Why worry about your ancillary therapy operation when your attention is better spent on your core business.  With weekly and monthly reports, you will have a handle on your therapy department in matter of a few minutes each week. Our measurement system encompasses all aspects of your therapy operation, enabling us to pin point where the opportunities lie and cut them out with laser like precision.  Once implemented, our daily management systems stop problems almost before they occur. Let our experts perform an assessment of your operation.  We can also put together a Pro Forma Income Statement detailing what you can expect from In-House Therapy.
Financial Growth
Is your In-House therapy department losing money or marginally profitable?  Is your therapy staff riding their jobs and taking advantage of your facility?  Do you have the right measurements in place to know the vitals of your therapy operation?  If you are profitable, are you maximizing your ROI?  If you have doubts about any of these questions, let us help. Our clients see an average improvement to their bottom line of well over 50%.  ITC will assess your situation and then recommend specific measurements to  maximize ROI.  Included are protocols to promote accurate charge capture as well as cost cutting strategies.  Our processes will ensure the correct square footage is assigned.  Also we will help optimize the layout to accommodate higher volumes.  We often are able to reduce unneeded equipment, supplies, and auxiliary staff.  ITC's employees are trained to do more with less and because every action is measured, you see results weekly!
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