Management Services

  • Elevate the Experience

    ITC creates a center of excellence within your therapy areas by coaching the current staff and installing fellowship trained therapists that use the latest protocols and technologies. The revenue steam and ownership structure of your therapy department does not change, it remains your department.

  • Eliminate Management Challenges and Headaches

    ITC provides data and analytic tools to promote the greatest compliance, efficiencies and process improvement. ITC provides leadership expertise to create operational excellence and superior clinical knowledge.

  • Solve Recruiting Challenges

    ITC retains physical, occupational, speech therapists and assistants ready to meet your changing patient referral patterns on a daily basis. As your operational partner, we focus on recruiting and retaining team members that embody our core principles and are dedicated to providing the best patient experience in an efficient manner.

  • Marketing

    Grow your market share by using our proven sales and marketing techniques.

  • Physician Relations

    Referrals start with the establishment of exceptional patient outcomes where the patient is treated to his/her maximum level of function.

  • Objective Statistical Reports

    Our daily management system of metrics provide a dashboard of key factors that contribute to enhanced outcomes and improved efficiency. These metrics are measured against industry benchmarks gathered nationwide. Action plans are implemented weekly and best practices are rolled out to drive sustainable bottom-line improvement.