Billing and Collection

Our Services

  • Daily charge review and claim billing
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary claims submission
  • Electronic filing with our HIPAA 837 compliant electronic claims
  • Payment posting, including Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Fully integrated therapy software for patient scheduling, clinical documentation and reporting
  • Patient statement preparation, review and mailing
  • Payer follow up, denial analysis and claim reprocessing
  • Assistance in preparation for Medicare Fee for Service Recovery Audits
  • And More!

ITC has a dedicated Billing and Collection team with over 50 years combined experience. Trained to deliver results, our team follows up on every claim every four weeks at a minimum.

As a Clinicient Billing Service customer, you’ll benefit from our experience of having processed over $1 billion in collections and millions of insurance claims from thousands of payers in nearly every state. And with some of the best

You take care of your patients, and we’ll make sure you get paid


Your Benefits

  • Increased collections per patient visit
  • Decreased Days Accounts Receivable and improved cash flow
  • Decreased cost to collect
  • Decreased under-coding and unnecessary write-offs
  • Increased patient payments
  • Improved compliance and security
  • Increased therapist productivity
  • Accounts Receivable Management and monthly account review
  • Improved communication and collaboration between front and back office staff